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What is The Registree?

The Registree is an independent gift registry web site. We aren't a spinoff of some major company, nor are we some advertising-driven web site just looking for site visits. We simply got tired of trying to juggle Christmas and birthday gift lists within our family. So, we set out to make life easy when it comes to gift-giving!

Gift registries are a really convenient way of giving gifts that we've always admired. Instead of guessing what someone you know might want for their birthday or for a holiday (and knowing that you have a good chance of being utterly wrong) you can look at their registry and find out exactly what they want.

And, you don't run the risk of everyone else buying them the same thing, because once you buy it, the item is marked as bought! See? Totally efficient.

So we took the wonderful concept of the gift registry and brought it to everyone.

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Raylene C. from Lake Tahoe writes

"—I have been using The Registree for a few years and enjoy it immensely. It gives me the opportunity to see what gifts would be appreciated, the price, and where I can find the item. The best part is having the capability to go directly to the website for online ordering."